Check out some of these Success Stories.

Check out some of these

Success Stories.

Part of me was broken...

“In the short time I’ve worked with Susan I’ve gone from low confidence to healthy confidence. Part of me was broken and I’m feeling not only restored but better than ever. To use a baseball analogy, I feel like I was a 12-game winner on my way to becoming a 20-game winner! I was just added as a board member for the Desire to Inspire Foundation. That wouldn’t have been possible without Susan and who outstanding coaching! Susan, thank you!!!” – Andrew F.

Anxiety about flying and college vanished

“My daughter had anxiety and would not fly. She did not want to go to college. After working with Susan she had been in college for the last year and flew by herself to London. We call Susan ‘A heat seeking missile who is able to zone in on the anxiety and self sabotaging beliefs and teach you how to release them!’ She really helped my daughter breakthrough and become confident. I now have a truly happy 19 year old!” – Mom of a teen

Business owner peels away stress to finally find joy in life ...

“Susan Urban has been tremendous in making me realize the I had control to change the narrative in my head and to achieve the results I wanted. With each coaching session I began to peel layers of emotional clutter that fogged my perception of actuality that limited me in many areas of my relationships both professionally and personally. As the fog in my mind dissipated, I began to see with clarity the endless possibilities to achieving a better life. Susan brought me closer to joy. Susan has been an asset in my quest to becoming my authentic true self!!” — Julian R.

How would your life be different if you could unleash your potential?

My name is Susan Urban. I am a Transformational Coach.

I help high achievers gain clarity to create the life they want and make the impact in the world they’re here to make.

I do this because I know when a person boldly and courageously lives and leads with a deepened connection to his intuition, purpose, and truest self, he becomes a life changer, and his clarity, energy, and presence transcends his family, community, team, and society.

And when an individual is resourced, empowered, and supported, he changes the world.

Client Success..

“Susan has had a profound impact on my life, body and career for over 10 years.

As a coach myself, I understand the benefits of working with an experienced, motivating and supportive mentor. Susan brings those qualities and more to each of her clients. Her deep compassion and drive for excellence is evident in all she does."

• Dr. Cindy | Georgia

Perfectionist finally becomes free ...

“I started seeing Susan during a stressful period in my life, chiefly to help address the tremendous amount of anxiety I was having around public speaking, as well as to work on my tendency toward perfectionism.

When I first met Susan, I was finding it difficult to speak up in meetings at work, and was faced with the challenge of speaking at a very large conference. I felt completely overwhelmed. Susan not only gave me tools for dealing with the physical symptoms and mental anguish I experienced around public speaking, she also helped me unpack how my perfectionism was affecting my daily life.

After only a short time, I was feeling much more capable of handling the stressors in my life, so much so that my partner and others around me were remarking on the difference.

I am much kinder to myself now, and I can’t express how much freer I feel in my life because of that change. I highly recommend Susan’s help with tackling any anxiety issue, and for perfectionism in particular.” — Recovered Perfectionist, 53 years old

MBA, CPA, and Author breaks his worst season ..

“I began working with Susan Urban after suffering through one of life’s worst seasons of depression, fearfulness, and anxiety. I was desperate for a change. I was considering therapy but not looking forward to digging around in my mind for painful memories and emotions.

As a young man, I had embraced and prospered mentally and career-wise using techniques that Susan utilizes. Through the trials of life, I had forgotten about the powerfulness of these techniques. I highly recommend Susan and the work she does. She is a brilliant transformation coach/therapist.

If you do the work and embrace the tools she offers, you will experience positive changes in your outlook on life.I have noticed that I look forward to continuing to learn, grow and change. Such a welcome experience. I can’t thank you enough. Just what I was looking for. I’m so glad I noticed your Facebook ad. You have shown such care and patience. It’s almost overwhelming, not in a bad sense, but in a joyful sense. You’ve done some amazing work in with me and I’m looking to continue to grow. By the way, your hypnosis module is better than a triple espresso today.Best I’ve felt in at least a year. “ — Scott Erwin, MBA, CPA, Author – Life is at Ballet

Attorney goes from worthless to greatness like magic...

You have really coached me through every single step of the way, and now I realize I don’t need anybody to be happy. I make myself happy. I see my own self worth.I don’t need somebody telling me that I am great. I can tell myself I am great, because I am great. It’s almost as if the path that I have been walking on that had a lot of rocks and was very treacherous and you didn’t know what you were going to find when you made your next step has now cleared and it’s beautiful. It has flowers and trees…it’s just, I am happy all the time. Although I can see myself in these moments where I might be going down a negative route, I now stop myself in the moment and I have learned to realize, this could effect me this way or that way.

I am not going to allow it to affect me the negative way, I am going to choose to have a positive interaction, or avoid whatever that negative is. I wish I could have you next to me every single day. You are stuck with me for lifetime! You made it so easy.I spent YEARS GOING TO THERAPY AND COUNSELING, many years and I found myself stuck…and I found myself going for I don’t even know for how long and yet nothing was changing.

But yet working with you made me realize that the ISSUES I HAD WERE SO MUCH DEEPER. I didn’t realize how deep they actually went and that allowed me to let go of everything and allowed me to be in this positive state that I am in now. The most important investment you can make is into yourself. You have everything to gain. I would 100% recommend Susan’s program to anybody.” - Eve, Attorney

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